Kitchens & Canopies

Our C&C Kitchens and Kitchen Suites offer ample space for two to five adult guinea pigs (depending on kitchen size you choose), giving your guinea pigs the perfect environment to place their hay, water bottles, and food. Additionally, the Cavy Canopy and Cavy Backsplash offer a cave-like hideaway that encourages its use and maintains cleanliness.

Perfect for their natural instincts, this area keeps mess to a minimum and allows for easy cleaning. Kitchen areas are typically filled with disposable bedding and are removable for quick and easy disposal, allowing the majority of the cage to be kept cleaner.  Whether it's the Cavy Cafe (most popular size and ample for 2-3 guinea pigs), Cavy Bistro, (typically used for our medium sized cage) or the Cavy Grazer (our largest kitchen), your guinea pigs will have a dedicated area where they will typically spend a lot of time which catches most of their pottying by natures. It provides the protection and privacy their instincts dictate.
We also provide a kitchen for the Midwest Habitat cage as the Midwest Diner and full suite with diner, canopy, and backsplash as the Midwest Kitchen Suite.

Our Corner Kitchen is also an alternative to both C&C and Midwest Habitat cages as guinea pigs tend to like to potty in corners. 

Hayracks are the perfect solution for providing your guinea pigs with easy access to hay while keeping it fresh and contained. Its ample openings allow your guinea pigs to eat and "pig out" to their heart's content. 

The hayracks are compatible with our style C&C cage grids, as well as Midwest cages. 
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