Things To Know Before You Buy

C&C Grids and Cage Sizing

Grids are 14” (not 12”) So wherever 2x3 for example appears, it means 2x3 grids. Please note interior and exterior dimensions on the product descriptions.

Brand Compatibility

Not all C&C cages are the same. We are still making the same size and quality grids as we have since 2003. Over the years, many lesser-quality options appeared out there with thinner grids and smaller dimensions. Just something to keep in mind.

Grid Safety
Safe grids are 14” x 14” with 9 holes across, 9 holes down. Openings should be less than 1 ½” for adult guinea pigs. For young or baby guinea pigs, you’ll need to temporarily baby-proof the cage so they can’t reach the grids as they could be tempted to poke their heads through and get themselves stuck. So it’s recommended to put coroplast or cardboard around the cage at least 9” high temporarily  until they reach adult size – generally over 9 months. We also have available our Pig-a-Boo clear half windows that can be attached to the grids for safety.  
Coroplast Facts

Coroplast® is the leading brand of corrugated fluted plastic. It’s known for its rich, vibrant colors, high-quality, and durability. It’s extruded polypropylene twin-wall plastic, chemically inert, and free from additives.

Coroplast® brand mixes color pigment into their resin which is fed into the machines at the time of extrusion. The pigment and resin are fully blended and then extruded, resulting in color consistently all the way through the sheet. The process creates a smooth, sleek finish.

Stacked Coroplast sheets in various colors

Some brands can be ink-printed in a variety of colors on white corrugated plastic, creating a more matte finish, but may deteriorate over time for this application. Some others may use less pigment resulting in less vibrant colors.

Coroplast® comes in thicknesses from 2mm - 10mm. We only use 4mm, which is ideal for cage bases, any thicker is too rigid and unnecessary; any thinner is too flimsy. There's a variety of 14 standard colors. We also have a custom Pink and Lime color made for us at CCCages.

If you do make your own base and can fit a 4x8 foot sheet in your vehicle, Home Depot carries Coroplast® brand in 4mm (white only), and carries all 14  Coroplast® colors and has locations throughout the US and Canada.

Benefits include:


Inert to nearly all acids, chemicals, detergents, grease and oils

Maintains near new appearance for years

100% recyclable & environmentally friendly


Weather and stain resistant

 Material Specification Sheet


All our Coroplast® products are cut with our custom-made hand tools for a smooth, clean edge, so there’s no machined or toothed saw blade that can leave rough edges or burrs.  After 20 years, we've got our cutting and scoring process down to a science, so we can maintain our same or next business day shipping. We’ve also perfected our cutting and scoring process, so there’s no back folding, which can leave crease or crush marks.

We use only 4mm Coroplast® brand materials for their superior quality, richly colored sheets and sleek, easy-to-clean surface which will stay vibrant indefinitely.

Our 16 Color Options:


We particularly like the color combinations of pink and silver, as well as translucent and light blue.

 Translucent C&C guinea pig cage stacked above coroplast bins

Returns & Cancellations


As long as the products were not used in any way, you can return it within 21 days. Please Contact Us with your name and order number to obtain a RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) number and we’ll provide return instructions.  Refused deliveries cannot not be refunded.

There is a 15% restocking fee on the product price paid. Refunds will be denied if the products show any type of use and must be in the original shipping box.

Original shipping is not refundable as it has already been paid to the carrier for the outbound delivery service, and you are responsible for the return shipping cost. You can use your preferred carrier, or we can send you a return label, and the return cost will be deducted from your refund.

Keep in mind, due to the carrier’s extra handling fees on large “dimensional weight” packages, the return shipping may cost you more than the outbound shipping. Be sure to use the measurements noted on the original label when returning and save the tracking number.

Non-Returnable Items

Coroplast sheet products: (Coroplast Sheet - 5 pcs 29x48) and (Full Sheet of Coroplast - Thirds) -- are not returnable.

Coroplast bases that were purchased with all four 10” height walls.

Our cages and accessories are very popular with the guinea pig community. A good alternative to recoup more of your investment is to list it locally online marketplaces such as Ebay,,, Facebook Marketplace.


Please be advised that cancellations will result in a 3% processing fee. Unless the product has already been made and labeled and you were emailed a tracking number, it's considered a return and are subject to the 15% restock fee. 

Damaged, Stolen, or Damaged Packages

Shipping Policy 

Guinea Pig Cage Company will email shipping and tracking information once the order has been processed and labeled. Once it’s picked up, please pay close attention and track your package to ensure that someone is available to receive it upon delivery. In the event that no one is available to accept the package, the shipping carrier may leave the package at the delivery address at their discretion. Once the shipment leaves our facility, we don’t have control over local delivery drivers. Discretion is subjective and based on the driver, their local policies, weather, etc.  

Damaged Packages

You must contact us within 48 hours of delivery if your package was damaged or missing items. The carriers can be pretty rough with handling, but we very carefully pack your item to minimize damage to the contents. You may be surprised even if the box appears damaged, there’s no damage to the contents. Please email us within 48 hours and send us photos of the damage so we can file a claim and replace any damaged items.

Stolen or Missing Packages

Guinea Pig Cage Company is not liable for packages that are stolen after delivery. To minimize the risk of package theft:

  • Choose a secure delivery location.
  • Track your package and be available at the time of delivery.
  • Opt for delivery to a secure location such as a workplace or a neighbor's home if you are unavailable.  

If you believe your package has been stolen or delivered to the wrong address, you should:

       * Notify us within 48 hours of a Undelivered/Misdelivered package. The sooner we know, sooner we can try and resolve the problem.  

  • Check with neighbors or anyone else who may have received the package on your behalf or manager’s office/mailroom  
  • Report the theft to your local law enforcement authorities.

Guinea Pig Care Sheet

Congratulations on your new pets! Download our care sheet today to get all the insider tips on how to best care for your guinea pigs and your C&C Cage.

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