Ramps And Carpets

We Invented the Reinforced Cage Ramp way back in 2010 (Thanks, Alan!) and they've kept their durability ever since! Our design was so popular, it became a staple replicated worldwide. Our Edger's are smooth, rounded, strong and shiny ~ and cover all exposed Coroplast prevent chewing.

The customized wire use on our standard 26" ramp is unique in its firmness, flexibility and strength properties, making it a sturdy and safe option for your guinea pigs to navigate elevation changes up to one full 14" grid height at a safe angle.

All Ramps are covered with a grey industrial carpet, which not only assists with the climb, but also is a comfortable surface for your guinea pig's feet.

To clean the ramp carpet, simply pull it up and wash it as needed. We also offer replacement carpets for all of our ramp styles. These carpets will Only work with their intended Ramps, so please make sure to check the dimensions of your ramp panel to ensure a proper fit.

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