Escape Hatch Retro-Kit

"A retrofit method to modify your cage on a stand so piggies can easily exit for Floor Time"

YOU asked--we delivered! You asked for a way to open a door to the cage and let piggies out for floor time--we listened--and here we have it.

This can be used for a cage on a stand, or if your cage is on the floor and you want to let them out from the loft, It does involve cutting a small section of the Coroplast® wall, but we've made a clever work-around to close it back up safely when not in use. Once it's installed, it's easy to open and close, and you can leave the ramp there or remove it. 

You can use one of your existing ramps if you have one, or you can choose an optional ramp below.


1 Portal Grid
1 Wide mini grid
1 "Drawbridge kit" (Translucent backer with rivets and velcro)
1 Template for cut out
1 Larger clip to hold the "door" back
1 Small clip to close it securely when not in use
Cable ties
Complete color step-by-step instructions
1 26" Standard Wire-Reinforced Cage Ramp with Carpet and Edgers
2 Ramp hooks

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stacy Calabretta
Fabulous! Your piggies will love it!

Id been wanting to create a way to allow the piggies to get from cage to floor on their own so they could go in and out at will and Sue was so helpful in making this happen! It was very easy to add the parts to the cage set up I have (on a stand) thanks to the simple instructions provided with the kit. I cant thank Sue enough! If you want to give your piggies more space and free will, this is perfect!!!

Donna Piunt
Escape Hatch Retro kit

My piggies love using the ramp to come and go during floor time.