MidWest Habitat Cage Accessories

We designed these products for the MidWest Habitat Cage. We don't sell the MidWest Habitat Cage, rather we designed upgrades and enhancements to get the most out of the cage. The original canvas bottom can be difficult to clean because the protective coating frequently wears off over time and will start to absorb moisture, so we've created a Coroplast replacement bottom which is non-porous and fits perfectly into its fencing. Our diner and corner kitchens also fit into existing MidWest Habitat cages whether you're using the canvas or Coroplast replacement base.

Over the years, customers were requesting a second level for the MidWest cage, but we felt the outer fencing didn't have the strength to support an upper level, so we designed the MidWest Mezzanine that uses our specialty grids inside the fencing, further strengthening it with a patio-style, easy-to-clean upper level with two ramps, providing more square footage for your guinea pigs.

Products below will fit MidWest Habitat cage only (noted as 24" x 48" per the company's exterior dimensions). Our interior base replacement dimensions have been tested over a decade, and fit nicely inside the MidWest Habitat's perimeter fencing.

These items do not fit MidWest Habitat, Critter Nation, Double Dog iCrate, etc.

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