Guinea Pig Sounds

Guinea pigs make a variety of noises to communicate different things.

 Some common noises and their meanings include:

  1. Wheeking - a loud, high-pitched noise that they make when they are excited or hungry. They may wheek when they hear the sound of food or hear their owner's voice.
  2. Chutting - a soft clucking sound that they make when they are content or relaxed. This usually means they are feeling safe and happy.
  3. Purring - a low, rumbling sound that they make when they are feeling calm and relaxed. It can also indicate pleasure, especially when they are being petted.
  4. Teeth chattering - a sharp, rapid clicking of their teeth that can be a sign of anger or aggression. Guinea pigs might chatter their teeth when they feel threatened or if they are establishing dominance with other guinea pigs.
  5. Screaming - a loud, high-pitched noise that guinea pigs make when they are in distress, scared, or in pain. If you hear your guinea pig screaming, it is important to investigate and make sure they are okay. 

Understanding these noises can help you better communicate with and care for your guinea pig!