Cage Divider

Our Cage Divider is a versatile solution to separate squabbling males or fertile male/female guinea pig pairs. The insert can be used to block visual stimulation and/or some of the female scent. You can use the insert on and off for peaceful interactions while still keeping their companionship and safety.
(1) 4mm Coroplast® Cage Divider in your choice of 16 colors
(3) 14" x 14" Standard Grids in black or white
(2) Edgers for connecting the divider to the cage
Cable Ties to match the grid color
Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos
Please Note:
The Cage Divider is recommended for use in a Jumbo cage and should not be used in a cage smaller than 2x4 grids on a permanent basis. To prevent males from climbing or jumping over the divider, it's recommended to install two extra grids horizontally over the top.

Customer Reviews

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works but doesn't quite fit

Not sure if my coroplast base is just too small (gaps all around between the cage wall and the coroplast, but I thought that was normal) or if the divider is too long, but since its a bit too wide its curved when I set it up, thankfully it fits enough to stay in place and get the job done but I wish it fit the way it looks in the pictures

Separating Pigs

The product does its job well. But it is very expensive for such little material. Not very cost effective, unlike the cages themselves.

Jessica R.
Jumbo w/ Lid

3 guineas and more than enough room.

Carly M.
Its great Just the right

Its great Just the right size And everything fit together easily

Amy H

We ended up not having to Use it. The boys are getting along well without it. But thank you