Our covers are designed with both you and your guinea pig's safety in mind, and we don't compromise on either. We aim for simplicity and accessibility just as much as safety, as difficult-to-use covers can discourage proper care and interaction with your guinea pigs over time.

Our covers only require one hand to open and close, and they do not need to be leaned against a wall, which can cause unpleasant scratch marks. You can rest the covers halfway out of the way, all the way back, or you can flip the front section over the back section.

In addition to being user-friendly, our custom-designed and manufactured Support Rods provide add durability and strength to our covers. They are very high-quality and won't fall down and cause injury while you are feeding, cleaning, or picking up your guinea pigs.

Our covers are also reachable for the average person, so you don't have to be tall to manage them safely. They are also easy to add a child-proof lock to if needed. We recommend using a covered cage in two instances: if you are housing multiple males in a cage smaller than recommended or if females are kept adjoining or near males. Additionally, if you have dogs, especially more aggressive ones that may see your guinea pigs as prey, a cover will be necessary to protect them.