We recommend offsetting your Wide Loft because when you place a wide loft directly above your cage, you may be prevented from reaching the back corner of the cage. Unfortunately guinea pigs often choose this back corner to potty in and run to when they don't want to be picked up. Offsetting the wide loft by one grid offers the same easy access of a Narrow Loft with the benefit of extra space. Keep in mind that this will add roughly 15" of length to your cage, and cannot be used with French Door Kits. Check out our Cages with Offset Wide Lofts Here!


Please Note: 

Using an Offset Kit with a Covered Cage requires the next larger size Cover. For example if you have a Large Covered cage and you offset the wide loft, you will need an XL/Wide Loft Cover. Your cover is for the total length of the cage which grows by one grid length when using an offset kit.