Two Level Cages

Made with our grids are the “safe” powder-coated grids (not vinyl) coated which guinea pigs can peel/chew off) and our Thick, Authentic, Made in USA and Canada 4mm Coroplast® bases, secured with reusable plastic rivets instead of tape—creating a more polished look. Guinea pigs are not typically climbers, so the covers are more to keep out young children or pets, rather than keeping guinea pigs in.
Our covers are strong! We designed our covers in 2010 and they're still going strong today! Our exclusive rods and support bar system can be opened by folding the front half over the back, tented, or fully opened. 
Will it hold a curious cat on top? Yes! Cats don't tend to jump on top of the grid cover since it would be awkward for their paws, but we put a blanket on top so our kitties can enjoy watching the guinea pigs safely.
Petey Galanto on CCCages C&C Cage cover

Our lofts provide a separate “get-away” area, and serve as a potential kitchen or hay area, adding up to 4.5 Square Feet of extra space.

Your choice of 1 or 2 Ramps for both Open and Covered Cages!3 wall heights for two-level cages


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