Stacking Cages

If you're considering stacking C&C cages, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure support and separation of each level. It's important to consider your priorities, situation, space, and guinea pigs when deciding on the right cage setup.

To start, stacked cages should always be placed on the floor, not on a table. If you're wondering whether to add a cage stand, take into account your height and the height of anyone who will be taking care of your guinea pigs. It's also important to consider the reach across the top of the cage wall to the back wall and far corners for cleaning and guinea pig retrieval. Without a stand, you have better access to the floor if you want to let your pigs out to roam more easily. However, adding a stand can make it easier to reach into the cage and make cage access and reach more comfortable. A “half-height” stand using Short or Tall HALF grids can achieve the toe-kick ability without increasing the height as much as a full grid-high cage stand. A stand is also helpful if you have a dog and need it more out of reach, or if you're doing a full-grid, drop-down wall on the bottom level and need a place for the swing-down wall to go.

Support is critical for stacked cages. Avoid too much tension on outer walls and connectors across long, unsupported spans to prevent stress on the overall structure. Without proper support, the cage will sag in the middle, which can put a strain on the quality of life for your guinea pigs. It's also essential to support the upper level well enough so that the center does not sag too much and put undue, dangerous stress on the construction. Adding a vertical grid under an upper level or loft in the middle of the cage is not recommended, as it won't fit properly, cleaning will be difficult, the grid will get dirty, and it's a safety hazard for pigs running into them and possibly getting their head caught.

To ensure good support, use the right length support rod and secure it tightly underneath the floor grids of the upper level using zip ties. The support rods available from our store are manufactured to our specifications and are made of thick, high-quality, powder-coated steel, yet slender and low-profile in look, available to match your grids in either black or white. They are machined to a snug fit, making for strong extensions. You might need longer 6” cable ties if it needs to go around multiple wires.

Overall, choosing the right cage setup involves considering various factors. By following the tips outlined above, you can design a safe and comfortable stacked C&C cage for your guinea pigs.