XL Coroplast® Base

Coro Height: Standard 6" sides
Please Note:
Our coroplast base dimensions are based on the standard C&C grid size of 14"x14" with 1/2” connector spacing. Please check all measurements as other manufacturer’s grids may be non-standard.
XL Coroplast® Base (2x5 Grids) Includes:
(1) 4mm Coroplast® Base in your choice of 16 colors
(8) Plastic natural-colored Rivets to secure sides
Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos
Interior: 27" x 69.5" (13 Square Feet of cage space)
Exterior: 30" x 76" (When assembled with grids)
This Coroplast® base does not include grids

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fernando Serna
Beautiful and functional!

I bought a light blue coroplast base to replace the white one I previously cut and assembled myself. The upgrade is tremendous! Everything lines up perfectly, the rivets work great, and the entire setup looks much cleaner and more beautiful than before. I also purchased the edge protectors as my Seb was chewing up the coroplast before...they work great and look even better! The shipping was lightning fast, everything was packaged perfectly, and detailed instructions were provided. I wish I had purchased my entire cage from here before piecing together grids and coro from other stores. Will absolutely do business again!

Caitlyn Grudle
Absolutely amazing!

I recently purchased this for my piggies to upgrade them from their smaller cage tray. I ordered the old tray from another company that I really like, but the new one you sent me is absolutely amazing! Its not only cheaper than the old company I bought from, they actually sent little snap in rivets to keep the cage together. This is perfect because my piggies like to chew on anything they can, and with the old tray, any tape or velcrow I used to keep it together would wear down and have to be replaced. With the rivets, I dont have to check all the time to make sure they didnt chew through them. I bought it over a month ago and the rivets have not shifted at all. Its still as secure as when I first put it together! The tray is very easy to clean! I use fleece bedding and shredded bedding interchangeably and regardless which I use its so easy to clean! It gives my babies enough room to run around in, much more than my old small tray, so that if I dont have time to let them out, at least they still have leg room to stay mobile. I will totally buy more from this company when Im ready to enhance the cages from mere cages to Piggy Mansions!

Its Great!!!

i ordered this for my three girls. they love it ! im gonna order for my two males tomorrow. i love this website. i wish the shipping was so much, but its still good!


Dang this cage is big. We bought it last year and love the space it gives our piggy. On busy days I don't feel bad for not letting him outside because I know the space is ample :)

Easy to clean, gorgeous colours!

This came so securely packaged which I loved! And it is very sturdy material and VERY easy to clean! I dont sheet my entire cages with fleece because of how they are set up (hard to describe). But I use towels for my piggies comfort. Some hay and washroom gets a bit on the coroplast because of this but the point is that it cleans off SO easily! And of course-- the colour selection is awesome and gorgeous. Ive put multiple cages together and had fun mixing and matching! ;)