Wide Loft Loop

 Wide Loop Loft (2x2 Grids) Includes
(1) 4mm 26.5" x 26.5" Coroplast® Loft Base with TWO ramp cutouts in your choice of 16 colors.
(8) 14"x14" Grids in black or white
(4) Portal Grids in black or white
(10) Connectors in black or white 
(2) 26" Ramp in your choice of 16 colors, with carpet and edging
(16) Plastic natural-colored Rivets to secure sides
(4) Ramp Hooks for ramp attachment
Cable ties that match the grid color.
Optional (1 or 2) Mini Grids and clips
Optional Offset Kit (Learn More About Offsets HERE)
Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos
Note: Our ramps come with edgers, wire, and carpet already installed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
The Best!

This ramp is absolutely amazing. I was only going to get a loft with one ramp, but saw the comment that the dual ramp allows for pigs to run around in a circle, so I got it. It was the perfect choice, my pigs LOVE to zoom around and their new preferred place is a loft hide. I was skeptical about the price of the loft, but the quality of the ramp alone was impressive. It is perfectly designed to allow for traction, safety, and keep the ramp securely in place. The directions were also easy to follow to add on my loft! I chose the offset kit and was glad I did so, it makes it much easier to access the kitchen for cleaning and feeding.

Guinea Pig Love
Loving Guinea Pig Life!!

I have a pair of 5m girls and they are still a little freaked out since Ive only had them for a few weeks, but Im absolutely stoked with the reaction they had to the addition of this loft! I used the offset option and it added so much room for them to run around and play with each other! I originally had the 10Sq Ft cage but with all the stuff you have to use.. I quickly realized they needed a touch more! It wasnt cheap but it definitely was worth it.

Piggies are in love!

I was hesitant to invest all this money in a loft since the loft alone was more than my previous cage but I have ZERO regrets!! This product is excellent for guinea pig health since they can get some exercise using the ramps. When working on the configuration and design of the cage the employees spent time trying to understand my needs and space limitations. Not only did they help with the design and explain the functions of different areas but they assisted with color selection to match the room. It is also very refreshing to work with people that are truly passionate about happy, healthy guinea pigs. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Great quality product

I have a 2x6 with a 2x2 offset loft with two ramps and a top. I have four guinea pigs in the cage. The two ramps allow for the pigs to have another way to go up and down if there is another guinea pig in the way as well as lets them do wide running zooming from downstairs to upstairs. The big cage allows them plenty of room to run and all four like to go to the loft to relax. The service is great and my pigs are very happy. The value for my money is well worth it in my mind to have a quality product and to see all four of my pigs so happy. I also like the fact that with the choice of grids and coroplast it matches my living room. I strongly recommend both the company and the products.

The Lancaster family
Good bye to basic cages!!!

My piggys love this they run up and down the ramp all the time with more pop-corning then Ive ever seen in a standard cage love the cage and the product making it incredibly easy to clean that id recommend it to other owners