Wide Cavy Canopy


The Wide Cavy Canopy gives guinea pigs the privacy and perceived safety which aids their natural instinct for overhead shelter from predators.

This size comes from our customer requests for a wide loft canopy. Generally, the standard Cavy Canopy is sufficient, even on a wide loft.

Keep in mind the size and the cage location when flipping open the canopy. The Wide Cavy Canopy can also be attached at the back of the loft if your cage is against a wall.

It includes a lightweight Coroplast® shelter with a flip-up design. Each of the two side flaps have two interior wires that keep the sides snug to the cage, and it comes with two hinges allowing it to open easily.

Note that the underside is scored for shipping, but when it's formed, it's fully rigid.

Keep in mind that canopies are intended for privacy purposes and do not replace the safety of our CCCages Flip-Fold Covers.

Dimensions: 30" x 30" x 2.5"

Customer Reviews

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Emily C.
Great Addition to My Cage!

My piggies never went to the top loft until I bought the wide cavy canopy. Now they can’t get enough, which gives them more space for running around and their infamous zoomies!

Crystal Howard

Love your products