Small Cage

Coro Height: Standard 6" side wall height
Please Note:
Our coroplast base dimensions are based on the standard C&C grid size of 14"x14" with 1/2” connector spacing. Please check all measurements as other manufacturer’s grids may be non-standard.
Small (2x3) Cage
Interior: 27" x 41" (7.5 Square Feet of cage space)
Exterior: 30" x 44" (When assembled with grids)
(1) 4mm Coroplast® base in your choice of 16 colors
(10) 14"x14" Grids in black or white
(20) Connectors black or white
(16) Plastic natural-colored Rivets to secure sides
Cable ties to match the grid color
Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos
Please Note: Adding a Cover Includes: (10) additional Standard Grids, (1) 37" Rod, and (1) 18" Rod.
Introduce your guinea pig to cozy comfort with our Small Cage. Designed for compact spaces without compromising safety, this habitat offers a snug retreat for your furry friend!

Customer Reviews

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Kara W
Great Cage

I absolutely love this cage. I purchased the stand and love how it sits up higher so I am not bending over for cleaning and picking up Bob, my daughter's guinea pig. I also purchased the kitchen suite with a canopy and Bob loves to sit under there now instead of hiding in his house. Assembling it was not complicated, just time consuming, it took my husband 1 1/2 hours.

very much worth it!

i was a little hesitant to spend the money but i knew my piggy needed a bigger home, and i was pleasantly surprised! it delivered fast, the quality is awesome and it was easy to set up! im definitely buying from here again.


Absolutely love this and will definitely be expanding! Great quality, fast shipping. It looks great. When I first got my guineas I tried to save money by making my own C&C cage from grids I ordered on Amazon, cutting and hot-gluing my own Coroplast, and making my own fleece liners. I am a light DIY-er and thought it would be easy and cheaper. It was a terrible idea. Here we are 2 months later and I replaced the cage with this 2x3 cage from here, and have replaced the fleece liners I attempted to make with ones from Etsy. If you are new to the guinea pig world, trust another average DIYer like me... just buy your cage here. It will be easier and cheaper in the long run. The quality is great! Pros: Quality, Options, Expandable


It is amazing cage at a amazing price


it was really good for my hedgehog. bigger than i thought, about 9 sq. ft. but works great. my hedgie loved it.