CCCages Reinforced Cage Ramp


We Invented the CCCages Reinforced Cage Ramp way back in 2010 (Thanks, Alan!) and they've kept their durability ever since!

Each ramp is reinforced with our customized wire which has unique firmness, flexibility and strength properties making it a strong and safe option for your guinea pigs to navigate elevation changes up to one full 14" grid height. It works with our Patios as well, so you can choose your attachment method: Hooks for Lofts, or Velcro for Patios.

All Ramps are covered with a grey industrial carpet. To clean the ramp carpet, simply pull it up and wash it as needed.

CCCages Reinforced Cage Ramp Includes:
(1) 4mm Coroplast® Cage Ramp (26" x 5.25" with 3.25" walls) reinforced with special wire to keep the walls upright and stay put.
*Your choice of black or white edgers which cover all exposed areas to prevent chewing.
(2) Ramp Hooks for ramp attachment or Velcro Strip if used for Patios.
       Attached industrial-grade grey carpet

Customer Reviews

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Mark Porter
Guinea Pig enclosures

We have ordered a variety of items from the Guinea Pig Cage Company for our 3 little girls. Most recently, we replaced a ramp. The quality of their products is very good, costs are reasonable, and shipping is quick and easy. If you're looking to set up your piggies with a better habitat than what you can get in stores, this is a great place to shop!


These ramps are awesome. Very well-made and reinforced. Theyre wide and strong enough for my festively plump piggy to zoom up and down on (she zooms in slow-motion). They also come with the edging already on, which I am thankful for. They also have super sticky tape on them to attach to bottom of the loft.

NOTE from CCCages: We now use wire hooks to attach that ramp which make it super strong and easy to remove for cleaning.


I really like it but I must say it is a little on the pricey side!Great to the piggies and happy with the purchase.

Jeannette Reatz
Best ramp I ever bought!

I must admit I was a bit hesitant upon buying this due to the price but now I have no regrets! The coroplast really does have metal wiring inside that gives it a strong structure and its very easy to bend into place after coming out the box. So far Ive watched it withstand three of my piggies, one of which the veterinarian has said is obese LOL. My favorite part is the black parts on the sides to keep them from biting on it and the adhesive it comes with to put under the loft to keep it in place. Highly recommend! Ive had other Wooden and plastic ramps, but this is by far my favorite and I love how it has side panels/walls that keep the piggies from falling. I literally laughed when I put it together because with the black plastic tops on the sides and the lines on the carpet, it really looked like an escalator which made my cage look extra fancy.

NOTE from CCCages: We now use wire hooks to attach that ramp which make it super strong and easy to remove for cleaning.


I tried making my own ramp.... the. I gave up and ordered this and could not be more happy with it!