Quick-Detach Connector Set


Our exclusive Quick-Detach Connector Set makes it easy to create a removable upper layer of grids! Each set includes 8 1 3/8" round plastic connectors (4 sets) with male and female ends. The male end has a 3/4" strong metal nipple and half of the connectors have special pins inserted in the center, allowing you to detach and lift up the upper layer of grids.

Please Note:

You will need 1 Male and 1 Female Quick-Detach Connector per 1 Normal Connector position. For example, if you have a Narrow Loft which requires 8 Normal Connectors, you will Two SETS of Quick-Detach Connectors (8 Female Quick-Detach Connectors and 8 Male Quick-Detach Connectors)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love these connectors - genius!

We used them to allow us to lift the loft off for cleaning or modifications - so nice to not have to undo connections or zip ties. But the best part is these create a much more sturdy connection between the two levels, since grids are not sharing connectors, and they fit firmly into each other. LOVE!!! Door grid are also genius, makes cleaning under loft so much easier!

Love these!!!

I recently purchased these quick connectors for a 2nd floor for my C&C cage. I love them. Its easy to take the 2nd level cage off for cleaning. I do have to have help getting it back on as I cant see them all to reattach to the 1st level.

Gail C.

The quick detach connectors work like a charm. We super glued them to the grid so no accidents with them falling off.

Hillari P.
Very handy for cleaning

The connector set is just as easy to attach as the regular connectors and it makes it much easier to clean the panels underneath. I would definitely recommend using these if youre planning on adding an upper level.