Portable Floor Time Circle


Here's the perfect safe playground setup for your guinea pigs during floor time! Made from our quality Standard Grids and Door Grids, this play area can be expanded into any shape - circle, square, rectangle, heart - and adapted to irregular locations. It can be used to block off a wall or a corner, giving your furry friends more space to explore.

The play area opens up to a little over 17 square feet of play space, and the inner ring provides roughly 4 square feet of space. The inner circle uses alternating door grids create an outer track for running zoomies or stay inside the inner circle if they're a little timid.

Once they're done with floor time, this circle can be easily folded accordion-style and stored away.

(18) 14"x14" Grids in black or white 
(4) Door Grids in black or white for the inner ring.
(4) Black Binder Clips to secure the circle
Cable ties matching the grid color

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Danielle Wetzel
My pigs love it

I have struggled with floor time in the past with my piggies. But they love this set up! They get zoomies so much and just love weaving in and out between inner and outer layer.

Richard Pezzenti
Modified hatch

We bought this to join 2 cages. After receiving it, I had to modify it more than just a little. But the original kit is well though out. If you want I could send pictures of the moded one

Nadia Seymour
Quickly easy and convenient

My Guinea pigs love it, instructions were easy to follow. Very easy to set up floor time now!