Pigture Window Full Size


Pigture Full Size Windows measure 14" x 14" 

Please note:

These Full Size Windows fit directly into connectors. Additionally they will come with a thin, clear (or blue) film to protect it from scratching during shipping. Simply rub the corners lightly until the film peels away. 


Customer Reviews

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rosemarie benosky

I guess it's a preference. For me I really do not like the window. If it had like a little small little holes maybe but they may hurt themselves I'm not sure. But I like the grids better

Andi Levine
Love this new option!

These are awesome! My daughter and I love being able to have an unobstructed view into the cage, and our piggies love seeing out! We bought 2 windows, but we're going to order more!

Staci Sorum
Love the Pigture window!

It is nice to have an unobstructed view of our piggies when they are hanging out in their loft!

Leslie Smith
Snazzy! Looks like a NYC Penthouse!

I purchased three Pigture Windows to replace three grids along one wall of our 2x5. Very, very pleased with the aesthetics! The windows come carefully packaged with removable protective coatings so they arrive in crystal-clear condition. Each piece is quite thick and fits snugly in the C&C connectors. Im really glad I decided to get the Pigture windows as they give an extra appeal to my boars & beautiful enclosure.

Immensely Worth It!

I bought these because our guinea pigs like to chew on the bars, so we covered them with fleece. However, fleece-covering only made it difficult for them to see us and for us to see them. Their enclosure looks very snazzy with the new windows. They deeply enjoy it! It provides good enrichment for them, as they can now easily see us moving throughout the room. It also has helped our more skittish guinea pig become less shy. It may sound strange, but my theory is that he was more skittish because he could not see us approach the cage. Now that he can see what and who it is that is approaching, he is much less prone to hiding. Absolutely a good purchase if you have bar-chewers or want a classy enclosure. (It truly looks like a fancy cavy suite!)