Piggy Perch

(2) Ledge Grids in black or white
(1) Carpeted Perch Platform
(2) Carpeted Side Ramps with Edgers
Cable ties matching the grid color
Please note:
If you have installed a Midwest Mezzanine in your Midwest cage, the Piggy Perch may not fit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Betsy C
Fun for both shy and outgoing piggies!

Ive used this in three different setups. One at the end of the cage, using just one ramp for a piggy who had to see everything, both of the other times its helped shy piggies see without being seen. Two caveats. Poop will fall off the side, there isnt any coroplast on the top edge, but its not the end of the world. Second, this works best in a XL/Jumbo cage or a L cage that is one level, in my experience.

Perfect upgrade for a plain cage!

My girls love the perch, and burrowing under it! the installation took a few tries, but once it was in it looked nice. It feels very sturdy and secure. I do think I might purchase a dome grid to keep the fleece from slipping off, but other than that I would highly reccomend.

Modification for timid piggy

I thought this looked perfect for my older, arthritic piggies. The lower ramps gave me less concern for my 7-year old who doesnt know he has arthritis. However, he was really scared of the open ledge and wouldnt do more than test out the ramp for a few steps. I used zip ties to attach the decorative dome grid to the base of the ramp and the top cover, making a little arched side rail. He LOVES it now! It's where he zooms when he gets a cookie. His girlfriend (they are both spayed/neutered) tends not to go up there, so its his & base They both love the dark hiding spot underneath the perch for sleeping, and Ive put a heating pad under their fleece in that area, making it their favorite spot in the whole cage. My C&C was already put together with zip ties instead of the plastic connectors, so the perch is a little bit wobbly, even after having secured it with a ton of ties. Im really glad to have the extra support/security of the dome grid to prevent an accident off the ledge.