Piggy Patio

Piggy Patio Includes:
(1) 4mm Coroplast® Patio Base 13.75" x 28" x 3.75" (1x2 grid) in your choice of 16 colors.
(1) 26" Reinforced Ramp in your choice of 16 colors, edging will match bar color
(2) Support Bars
(8) Plastic natural-colored Rivets to secure sides
Velcro to secure the Ramp to the Patio Base
Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos
Please Note:
The Support Bars used to support the Patio pass through the inner grid holes, so if you have a 10" back wall on your cage base, you may need to cut that section down depending on your desired patio height.
Before purchasing, please note that the width of the patio is slightly wider than the base for a better fit, and the patios will only work as mid-grid height upper levels.
Keep in mind that not all guinea pigs take to a ramp. Be patient, as guinea pigs acclimate. Placing some treats up the ramp can help!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Piggly's Christmas present

Just got the Piggy Patio today. So excited when I saw email it was delivered walked down the icy driveway to get it. I got it for my 2x4 grid cage and was worried the ramp would take up too much cage space but its not a problem at all. Using the upper patio for a kitchen. My cage is also covered so I was a little concerned would not have enough head room to go up the ramp, into the patio to eat but not a problem at all. Underneath the patio there is enough room for a hidey and pig is loving to hang out underneath with plenty of room. As soon as I put it in with a few veggies and fresh hay, up the ramp he went and has been all day. I added two full size picture windows that they have now and they are so nice. Fun to see him without bars in the way go up and down the ramp.

Great purchase

I purchased the pig patio for my 2x3 cage, yes the ramp is amazing but in a 2x3 cage its a bit to large for the cage, my pig doesnt have much room at the bottom of the ramp to get up but he makes it seem easy. I enjoy watching my pig go crazy going up and down this thing.

Piggies LOVE the Patio!!

I was worried our pigs wouldnt use the ramp (based on stuff I read online - and I appreciated that this product description gives info about that as well). Both of our young pigs checked it out as soon as it was installed. We are using it as the feeding area, which gives them much more room to run around on the bottom. They also like to hang out under the patio, often more than in the hideys.


My boys are loving their new Piggy Patios! Even my youngest GP, who previously had no idea how to properly use a ramp, figured it out within seconds this time. I could not be happier with this company. The shipping time, prices, awesome selection, and packaging all get an A++ from us! I wish you guys were hiring because I would be overjoyed to join your team!! :) I will definitely be a life long customer!

Deidre T.

My guinea pigs love their new patio! I draped a simple piece of fleece across the top and they use it as their new hidey.