Narrow Loop Loft

 Narrow Loop Loft (1x2 Grids) Includes
(1) 4mm 12.5" x 27.5" Coroplast® Loft Base with TWO ramp cutouts in your choice of 16 colors.
(4) 14"x14" Grids in black or white
(4) Portal Grids in black or white
(8) Connectors in black or white 
(2) 26" Ramp in your choice of 16 colors, with carpet and edging 
(16) Plastic natural-colored Rivets to secure sides
(4) Ramp Hooks for ramp attachment
Optional (1 or 2) Mini Grids and clips
Cable ties that match the grid color
Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Haven Falk
Easy to clean underneath

This loft is great. One of my girls goes there when she needs a break from her rambunctious cage mates. I was concerned it would be difficult to clean under it, but with some bending I am able to sweep and vacuum under it relatively easily. I am glad I chose the narrow over the wide, since I could see it being difficult to get under there for cleaning. If I had any feedback, it would be nice if there was a more official system for elevating the ramps for deep cleaning. Right now I'm using rubberbands and binder clips to hold them up when I need to really get in there and scrub. Also, it would be nice if your company sold official liners for the ramps and loft. (I found some on Etsy instead).

Great! But be careful!

My guinea pigs loved this ramp at first, but after having it for a few months, my piggies feet started to get red and irritated, and were really sensitive. If you are planning on purchasing this product, please cover it with a fleece liner of some sort! Otherwise, I would totally reccomend!

Finn's Mom
My guinea pigs loves it!

My guinea pig figured out the ramp within minutes and absolutely loves his new loft! In fact, he spends most of his time up there, when he's not zooming up and down! He definitely seems happier (more popcorning!) I did modify it and use a portal grid (with the opening) instead of a solid one on the front as I was worried about him fitting as he gets bigger and I like that better but everything else about it is

So fun to watch them on the ramp!

We adopted a pair of piggies and didnt introduce the ramp until a few weeks after. The younger (and more timid) surprisingly took to the ramp more quickly and decided the 2nd floor was his new hiding space. It wasnt for another week or two until his buddy one day decided to go up, and then claimed it! Our children love to watch the piggies run the ramp and they have gotten so good that they sometimes jump off the end. Installation was super easy and the carpet is grippy and gentle on their feet.

Great for my two guinea pig boys!

I had concerns about whether my guinea pigs would actually go up the ramps, whether it would take up too much space in the cage (2 by 4) and whether it would make cleaning much more difficult. I shouldnt have worried. My guinea pigs are pretty young and they ascended the ramps immediately. My bigger boy made the upper level his cozy space right away. This saved cage space and stopped the constant bickering. The ramps also are on the edges of the cage so still leave a nice open space in the center. My littlest piggie likes to go under the ramp and cuddle in. As for the cleaning, it is only slightly more difficult. My kids love watching the piggies zoom up the ramps. It was nice to provide some more space without going out further horizontally.