Porch Patio

Optional Perimter Safety Guard (+4 Half Grids ADD $13.99, +4 Half Windows ADD $31.99): Not Needed
Optional Patio Cover (ADD $11.99): Not Needed #MWS Options 2654387002
Porch Patio Includes:
(1) 4mm Coroplast® Patio Base 13.75" x 28" x 3.75" (1x2 grid) in your choice of 16 colors.
(2) 11.75"Porch Patio carpeted Ramps
(2) Support Bars
(2) 6" Clear Hinges
(1) Mini Moon Grid with Coroplast® Insert
(4) Plastic natural-colored Rivets to secure sides
Cable ties to match Grid Color
Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos
Please Note:
These patios will only work as MID-GRID height upper levels.
The Support Bars used to support the Patio pass through the inner grid holes, so if you have a 10" back wall on your cage base, you may need to cut that section down depending on your desired patio height.
Our Porch size patio is designed to fit inside a 2x4 grid cage or larger.