Lookout Lounge

Covered Cage?: Add Support Bar for Grid Support #MWS Options 1698147904
The Lookout Lounge is a popular and entertaining extension to your pigs cage. A favorite hangout spot for all guinea pigs, it provides them with an exciting way to explore their environment.
Even if you have a covered cage, the Lookout Lounge can still be a great addition. All you need to do is add the Support bar option to support the cover near the lounge. Additionally, the canopy can be reversed with or without a cage cover.
(2) Tall Half Grids
(2 Ledge Grids
(1) Dome Grid
(2) Mini Grids
(2) Mini Quarter Round Grids
28" Canopy with 2.5" overhang
27.5" Platform with carpet and 2.5" back wall
(2) Piggyback Ramp Panels with carpet and edgers
Cable ties matching the color of the grids
Easy-to-Follow color assembly instructions with photos
Please Note:
If you choose the 10"-high back wall for your cage base, you'll need to cut down the end section to allow clearance for the Lookout Lounge. However, this is an easy process that still allows you to keep the 10"-high back wall if you prefer.
If you already have a Lookout Lounge and need replacement parts or want to change colors, you can find Lookout Lounge components such as the canopy and ramps under the Components menu option.