Full Sheet of Coroplast - Thirds

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This Full sheet of Coroplast® comes cut in thirds, scored, and folded for shipping,  Included is a 48" x 96" 4mm (about 1/8" thick) Coroplast® brand corrugated plastic sheet, scored in half and cut into three sections of 32" x 48". It is available in 16 bright, rich colors, including our custom PINK and LIME. Please note that it is not guaranteed to be perfectly square and is not returnable. It is waterproof, reusable, cuttable, and recyclable.

Order your Full Sheet of thirds in Coroplast® today and unleash your creativity!

  •     School and craft projects such as tri-fold display board for Invention Conventions or similar
  •     SPAD (Special Plastic Airplane Design)
  •     Outdoor signs for garage sales, fund raising, sporting events, and parking
  •     Exterior air conditioner covers
  •     Ballot, suggestion, and storage boxes
  •     Backdrop for photos
  •     Theater set construction and background and props
  •     Drawer and shelf liners
  •     Ground protection work surface in garage