Mezzanine for Midwest Cages

Upgrade your Midwest Cage with a second, secure level that provides easy access for cleaning. The Midwest Mezzanine in inherently stable with its two ramps and grid assortment, creating an ideal second level for guinea pigs to express their zoomies.
13" x 22.5" x 3.75"
(1) 4mm Coroplast® Mezzanine Base in your choice of 16 colors
(2) Carpeted Coroplast® ramps matching your chosen color
(2) Standard 14" x 14"  Grids in black or white
(2) Skinny Grids
(2) Short Half Grids
(1) Mini Moon Grid with half round insert
(4) Plastic natural-colored Rivets to secure sides
Optional additional Dome or Half grids for safet
Cable ties matching your grid color
Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Excellent addition!

My family has a trio of adult male guinea pigs who have been together since birth. They need a big space, so we got them a two Midwest cages and attached them together. . When we discovered your store we were thrilled to see additions for our existing cage. We could enhance their environment without replacing the entire cage (and save money!). Our boys love the Midwest Mezzanine! We added the diner underneath and recently replaced the canvas with new coroplast bases. It was a great way to make our old cage last longer and be a better home for our boys. They love to hide under the mezzanine and run up and down the ramps. The product is high quality and was fairly easy to assemble.

My guinea pigs love it!

I had originally bought two pigloos (one for each piggy) to put on one side of my Midwest cage. It took up a lot of space. Then I had the thought, "Why not get a loft? The guinea pigs could still have a hiding place underneath, but more space to explore upstairs!" I looked everywhere for a loft, but I couldn't find anything. Then I came across this. It is GENUIS. It lifts up easily for cleaning, and it is a great feeding area. My piggies were hesitant about climbing up the ramp at first, but after two days they were scampering up and down like pros. When Stella, the youngest, is feeling energetic, she zooms under the loft, out again, up, down, under, around and around. So cute! Clover enjoys relaxing in the hide I put up there, just like a piggy queen. Stella's favorite place in the whole cage is underneath! Putting the loft together took a bit, but when I finished I was impressed on how sturdy it is. The only problem I have is the ramp takes up quite a bit of space, but that can't be helped. I would recommend this to any guinea pig owner!!!


I have to keep one of my piggies in his own cage because he is too beast to one of my other piggies and he doesnt let the others play/have fun. I decided to keep him separated and I just give him a lot of attention/pets/natural treats, enrichment, and am teaching him tricks. I added this to his Midwest cage and its really necessary since I feel even the Midwest cage is pretty small for a guinea pig. I added one of those flexible large wood-cylinder half tunnels to the middle of the mezzanine. I add a thick towel because he loves to jump on top of it to watch everything going on. The cage is on a hip level living room dresser. Took me some time to add on with all the zip ties but easy instructions and meshes really well with the cage

Midwest Loft

Absolutely LOVE! I really wanted to upgrade but I had just upgraded to the Midwest before discovering this site! This was a perfect middle ground where my boys have extra space to be away from each other. Until I inevitably buy a cage from this site for them! LOL.

Olivia LG
Great add on!

I purchased this upper level along with the diner for my Midwest cage with two pigs and they love it. The upper level was easy to put together with easy instructions. Pretty color and design as well! One thing to note is that the loft and diner together cut into the roaming space of the cage a bit. But with some extra free roam time along with a large diner for hay piles (and not as much mess!), my pigs dont mind! Service was good too, shipping didnt take long!