Medium Cage

Coro Height: Standard 6" sides
Please Note:
Our coroplast base dimensions are based on the standard C&C grid size of 14"x14" with 1/2” connector spacing. Please check all measurements as other manufacturer’s grids may be non-standard.
Medium (2x3.5) Cage
Interior: 27" x 49.5" (9 Square Feet of cage space)
Exterior: 30" x 54" (When assembled with grids)
(1) 4mm Coroplast® base in your choice of 16 colors
(12) 14"x14" Grids in black or white
(20) Connectors black or white
(16) Plastic natural-colored Rivets to secure sides
Cable ties to match the grid color
Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos
Please Note: Adding a Cover Includes: (12) additional Standard Grids, (1) 37" Rod, and (1) 32" Rod.
Experience premium comfort and safety for your guinea pig with our high-quality habitats. Our goal is to enhance longevity and elevate the quality of life for your furry friend!

Customer Reviews

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Laura Kurtz

Medium Cage


We bought 2 of these. 2 piggies happy in each cage. Sturdy. Very detailed instructions that were super easy to follow. After about 2 months with these cages I'm still so happy with them. Easy to clean. Piggies have lots of room. Overall they are the perfect cage!! Make sure to measure your space and you'll have the perfect cage.

Spacious and Easy to Clean!

I am extremely pleased with my C&C cage. It shipped really quickly and was simple to assemble. Combined with a kitchen add-on, the cage is super easy to clean. My pigs have so much room to run laps and popcorn around.

Best cage ever!

I bought two of these - one for each pig. I was really worried that they would be too small for each of my pigs, but theyre bigger than they look in the pictures! The piggies have so much room to run around - and that includes a bed, a chew bowl, a chew house and a hay feeder! The piggies are so happy and I am so pleased with these cages!!

Happy Capy!

I put this cage and stand together by myself in about an hour. It was well packed and the instructions were easy to follow. I've had my guinea pig for a few weeks now and I've NEVER seen him as happy as when I put him in his new cage yesterday! He is like a new pig! He runs around wheeking and even comes out of hiding in his pigloo to hang out in the open. The medium cage is PERFECT for our space and he has so much room to zoom around in. I'm so glad I got the stand and storage bins as well! The bins are huge and store all his equipment away nicely. Everything is right where I need it. He also LOVES his new cavy cafe area as well! I've never seen him eat so much hay and it seems to be keeping the bulk of the business in one place. This cage was a wonderful investment! Itwas well worth the money and the wait! I can see us upgrading and adding on in the future. :)