Lookout Lounge

The Lookout Lounge is a popular and entertaining extension to your pigs cage. A favorite hangout spot for all guinea pigs, it provides them with an exciting way to explore their environment.
Even if you have a covered cage, the Lookout Lounge can still be a great addition. All you need to do is add the Support bar option to support the cover near the lounge. Additionally, the canopy can be reversed with or without a cage cover.
(2) Tall Half Grids
(2 Ledge Grids
(1) Dome Grid
(2) Mini Grids
(2) Mini Quarter Round Grids
28" Canopy with 2.5" overhang
27.5" Platform with carpet and 2.5" back wall
(2) Piggyback Ramp Panels with carpet and edgers
Cable ties matching the color of the grids
Easy-to-Follow color assembly instructions with photos
Please Note:
If you choose the 10"-high back wall for your cage base, you'll need to cut down the end section to allow clearance for the Lookout Lounge. However, this is an easy process that still allows you to keep the 10"-high back wall if you prefer.
If you already have a Lookout Lounge and need replacement parts or want to change colors, you can find Lookout Lounge components such as the canopy and ramps under the Components menu option.

Customer Reviews

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Chyanne Marble

Lookout Lounge

Doug Larson
Over rated

While I love purchasing from The Guinea Pig Cage Company because unlike so many other big C C cage outlets, these people are the original vendors of the C C cage in the United States. They are a smaller and more accessable by phone even company that is still a famliy business and I like supporting that too even if it cost a wee bit more. As for the lookout lounge, I first purchased a 4 x 2 C C cage with a wide loft with one ramp and a full cover. I loved the set up so much that I then extended the base cage to the XL size quite easily. Since the look out lounge does not require anymore table space I tried it and while my cavies do use it just a bit, it really takes away room from the base cage as it has 2 ramps and if I could do it all over again I simply would have purchased another wide loft for the other side of the cage which I may still do. Unless, you have an XL or Jumbo size C C cage I would not recommend the Lookout lounge at all as it is held in place by simpy zip ties and really does not add much if you already have a loft.

Great addition!

A great addition to any cage. My girl loves it and started using it immediately. It is so well thought out and easy to attach to the cage. It came with great instructions too!

Betsy C
Lookout Lounge x 2!

We have 2 lounges for our piggies and I may be getting a few more (8 pigs, 5 cages). The improved coroplast ledge really helps contain the mess and my male pairs love hanging out on these. I love their simplicity. These are used all the time, more so than the party patio in one cage and the wide loft in the other. The price is definitely on point and its worth getting this all at once for the instructions, theyre very helpful.

Zoomies Galore!

I absolutely love this addition to my cage. I will say that the ramps take up about a grids worth of space, so I would keep that in mind if you have a smaller C& C cage. I have a 2x4 and it fits well, but I think the 2x5 would be better! My girls use this for zoomie laps and it is definitely a favorite!