Jumbo Coroplast® Base

Coro Height: Standard 6" sides
Please Note:
Our coroplast base dimensions are based on the standard C&C grid size of 14"x14" with 1/2” connector spacing. Please check all measurements as other manufacturer’s grids may be non-standard.
Jumbo (2x6 Grids) Coroplast® Base Includes:
(1) 4mm Coroplast® Base in your choice of 16 colors
(8) Plastic natural-colored Rivets to secure sides
Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos
Interior: 27" x 84.5" (16 Square Feet of cage space)
Exterior: 30" x 90" (When assembled with grids)
This Coroplast® base does not include grids

Customer Reviews

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Jumbo Coroplast base

This base fit my cages perfectly, the team was extremely attentive & responsive to all of my needs! I would recommend this company to everyone!

Leslie Bemis
Slightly too long

I have 14" Kavee grids and it is about 2" too long to fit in my cage properly. The width is perfect though. Everything else about it is great, and every other size coro base I have purchased from this store has fit perfectly in my grids.

Our Coroplast base dimensions are detailed on each product In 2003, we set the standard based on grids which could also be interchanged with grids from Target, Walmart, etc. and we have never deviated from the standard, safe 14x14' size. However, since 2020, other manufacturers are making C&C cages with smaller, non-standard grids and/or different connector spacing. Kavee grids (which are 13.8' x 13.8') and other sellers (even ones noted as 14x14) may not have the same connector spacing. So it's important to measure the interior of your cage when replacing a base from a different manufacturer. If you'd like, we can send you some options for a work around. Please email us at sales@guineapigcagecompany.com.

Hannah Davidson

Jumbo Coroplast Base

Kennon Hudson

These are the best cages I have ever had. My little piggies love all the rooms and they are so easy put together! And clean