Edging For Coroplast®

Add a decorative and functional touch to your Coroplast® with our custom plastic edging. It provides a chew-proof edge to the Coroplast® walls and adds a finished overall appearance.
CCCages edging is custom made to our specific standards since 2016.  Our edging is smooth, rounded, shiny finish, and comes in full 14" lengths. They are easily cut to fit your Coroplast® project. They are nice and snug so it can't be pulled off by guinea pigs, and if you have "chewers" - it prevents nibbling on the walls.
(1) 14" section of plastic edging.
Recommended quantities for full edging around Coroplast® base:
2x2 Loft-8
1x2 Loft-6
Midwest Coroplast® base replacement-12

Customer Reviews

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Dustiny Cyr

Edging for Coroplast

Angela P
Edging for coroplast

Black edging adds a nice touch and keeps my Guinea pig from chewing down the walls of his liner.

Judi Dickerson
Edging saved my Coroplast

I bought the edging because one of my Guinea pigs chewed on the Coroplast. I put the edging all around the cage and the chewing has stopped. And it dresses up the cage a little which was an added bonus!

Doug Larson
Extensions made Easy

After finally completing my Colorplast and C C 4 x 2 cage with offset loft with everything covered, I was so happy with it all I figured I would try extending the base from the 4 x 2 to a 5 x 2. The kit was quite cheap and super easy to complete with only the sliding rod needing to be replaced for an extended cage cover. That however, was easily solved by running to my local Menards and buying a white curtain rod of the same durablility and size as the one that came with my original kit only longer. I was going to just order a longer extendable rod from the Guinea Pig Cage Company but found that the shipping due to the size of box needed was more than the actual part, so it was easy to just pick up a white curtain rod and now things are Golden. I must say though that with the longer cover on the base, the cover does seem a bit less sturdy so I once again went back to Menards and picked up a steel 1" bar and a can of white spray paint. After bending each end to the correct width and drilling holes in each end for Zip Ties I now have a much sturdier cover. Will I someday extend the base up again to a 6 x 2 ? Doubtful for two reasons. Then I would have to utilize two separate extendable rods and have two separate cage covers which really is not a bad idea really if I could think of a way to brace the cover in an open position since there would be no bracing unless I were to order another cross brace which I guess I could certainly do. The other two things though are a bit tougher. I would need to extedn my tbke estup considerably and that would be tough and the other reason is that I truly do not think 2 bonded females need extra room as I give them a daily outing of at least an hour and as it is now with the 5 x 2 and offset loft they seem to almost be less comfortable with the extra space as it may seem there is too much extra space. I must say with 100 percent certainty though, the best money you can spend is by buying an offset wide loft. The Guinea Pig Cage Company's offset wide loft and ramp are Godsends and my cavies love it. I was afraid that one of my older cavies wouldn't use the loft but my they just love running up and down it. Kind of makes me think that the double ramp might have been a good idea but that would also make cleaning and catching the Guinea pigs to hold would be more difficult so I guess I would stick with my initial recommendation of buying the wide loft offset kit regardless what size base you use.


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