Diner for Midwest Cages


This Coroplast® Kitchen area is scaled down to the interior of Midwest Brand cages and designed to sit within the base. It is available in 16 Coroplast® colors and comes complete with your choice of black or white edger to deter chewing. Add this to your Midwest cage and give your guinea pigs a clean and comfortable living space!

Dimensions: 22" x 15" x 2" Front wall height

Customer Reviews

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Ann McCandless
So far so good!

Our Diner has only been in our piggy enclosure for a very short time, but so far it is working wonderfully and as intended. It keeps the majority of the piggys messes where they spend the majority of their time (eating)! They have yet to try and chew on it, and it is easy enoughr for them to get up and over the lower edge while keeping the pine bedding inside.


Very glad I got this- it fits my Midwest cage perfectly and the pigs love it! They spend a ton of time I here, and it has really made cage cleaning easier. I also got the Midwest Mezzanine which fits over this. I love the colors, my cage looks great!

A life saver!

This has been a life saver! My piggy loves to dump his food and hay everywhere then mix it with all of the unmentionables and leaves a mess on his fleece that is hard to dispose of and wash. Now its easy to keep clean between full changes and is saving the fleece from all the dust and hay bits. This fits perfectly and makes it so much easier to clean up!


I added this to my order and I AM SO GLAD I DID! It fits in my Midwest Cage perfectly, is well- constructed, and looks GREAT! I love that it spans the entire width of the cage and that the front is shorter, allowing my Guinea Pig to hop in with ease. There is ample room for hay, food bowls, and nesting! Fantastic item! A++ Customer service was also superb!

Fur babies love it!

I purchased the loft and diner for my piggies!It fit in the Midwest cage like it was always meant to be there! Super easy to put together they provide fool proof instructions! I definitely recommend to any piggie parents with the Midwest cage! Its not only aesthetically pleasing but the piggies absolutely love it! Thanks again