Cable Ties

Size: 4 inch

Packs of 100 white or black 4-inch or 6-inch cable/zip ties, each with a 2mm width. These ties are utilized for securing grid connections and hinging the covers, and we particularly recommend the smaller ties for their strength and low profile on the cage, which provides a more professional appearance to your finished product.

Customer Reviews

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Melinda Hinote
Cable ties are handy!

I was surprised that I could get 100ct. of cable ties for a great price! I tend to move my guinea pigs' enclosures around once every year so cable ties definitely help big time!

Jennifer M.
Cable ties - you need them

So glad I bought a package of cable ties I needed far more than I realized.

Barbara B.
Whats to say

They are cable ties and they work. You do have to determine which direction to insert to make it click-lock. They can break or get chewed on, but thats why there are extras.

Clean look, easy application!

What is the one thing about building cages that *could have* made the appearance less than professional? Figuring out a way to tie it all together. BUT... came along these cable ties... and voila, PRO looking, almost invisible in fact!!! Match to your grid colour and you will barely even see these ties! They are super easy to use (slip through hole, tighten up). All you do then is cut off the long ends. As a tip, I used pliers to snip off the ends. This made a very close snip (so no loose cable tie floating about) and very smooth (unless you have pro scissors, it can be tough to get a clean cut). Also, using pliers was very quick and efficient! ;) Oh my, the store owners have thought of EVERYthing from the grids to bases to ties (!!) to make the perfect looking and living in cages!! :D