Baby Proofing Your Cage

How to Baby Proof Your Cage

You can either make your Coroplast walls temporarily higher (9 inches is recommended), using cardboard or spare Coroplast, OR double up the grids, reducing the inner holes by 1/2. Do NOT use internal grids as hayracks when you have babies or small young adults.

It's important to note that baby guinea pigs grow amazingly fast, and most will be beyond the need for baby proofing within a few months. However, it's always best to use your judgment and be conservative when it comes to your pets' safety.
What if they chew on the grids? While there has never been any reports of any guinea pig being harmed or becoming sick from chewing on the grids, there is a very remote possibility that a guinea pig might break a tooth by violently chewing on a grid. If this happens, it isn't life-threatening, and the guinea pig's teeth grow back amazingly quickly! This usually only happens if there are males living in a divided cage next to females, in which case it's best to go with our Cage Divider.