Jaula grande con WIDE Loft

Los gastos de envío se calculan en la pantalla de pago.
Altura de coro: Lados estándar de 6"
Jaula grande (rejillas 2x4) con desván ANCHO
Nota: La actualización opcional a Loop Loft agrega otra rampa con ganchos y reemplaza dos rejillas estándar con dos rejillas de portal (haga clic aquí para obtener más información)

Interior: 27” x 56” (15 pies cuadrados de espacio de jaula con nivel superior)
Exterior: 30” x 60” (cuando se ensambla con rejillas)
(1) base Coroplast de 4 mm en 16 colores a su elección
(1) Coroplast Loft de 4 mm con rampa
(22) Rejillas en blanco o negro
(2) Rejillas de portal
(34) Conectores negros o blancos
(2) Ganchos de rampa
(32) remaches de plástico de color natural para asegurar los lados
Actualización opcional a Loop Loft
Kit de compensación opcional (Obtenga más información sobre las compensaciones AQUÍ )
Bridas para cables a juego con el color de la rejilla
Instrucciones de montaje en color fáciles de seguir con fotos.
Tenga en cuenta: agregar una cubierta incluye: (12) rejillas estándar adicionales y (1) barra de soporte.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
haley patton

Great quality and awesome service! the kit came with everything you need, and it was fairly easy to assemble (just takes some time). my girly absolutely loves it! we've had this cage with other piggies years ago but this is the first time that this particular piggy has had it and i can say i still approve, but most importantly that she approves! i also love that you can pick different colors for different parts of the cage! never realized this with our other cage so i had some fun this time thank yall!!

Sarah Pannitto
Quality cage!!

Easy to construct, easy to clean, and tons of space for our little pig! Safe to say he loves his new enclosure!

Rachael Garcia

I knew this would be time consuming before arriving, please keep in mind this isnt an easy cage to put together by yourself. I really dont have many complaints. I will be ordering from this company again soon. The cover for the cage could be a little more sturdy for cats but what can you do really? I love everything about this cage. The space, the possibilities of decorating and the happiness it brings my little pigs. Thank you so much!

Cindy Z.
Large wide loft

This is an excellent cage, well worth the money. All other cages in stores are too small and inhumane. My piggies are so happy they run and play all the time. Makes me feel good to know I did right by them.

Great cage

This cage is easy to put together, sturdy and comprehensive. The instructions are easy to follow and the materials are well made. However I bought this for my two male guinea pigs hoping that they would stop fighting with more space, but that wasnt the case, and I cant return it since Ive already put it together and tried it out. Very good cages but practically nonexistent return policy.