Barra de soporte

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La barra de soporte incluye:

(1) Barra de soporte de 1" de ancho x 29" de largo disponible en blanco o negro a su elección. Cada extremo presenta una curva de 90 grados de 1" con un pequeño orificio para acomodar una brida para cables si es necesario.

Customer Reviews

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Works like a dream!

Originally I had my guinea pig cages uncovered. Recently I got a kitten and I had to make lids to protect\ my piggies. But the middle of them sank in. So with these, the lids can support the weight of the growing kitten. Shipping was a little outrageous. But they did get here very quickly.

Veronica B.
C & C Support Bar

The support bar has been great! It was easy to install between floors and our precious piggy has a secure kitchen now. Will purchase from here again in the future!!

Guinea Pig Fun
These are awesome!

They are extremely well made and sturdy and I recommend them to anyone needing extra support in their cages.

support bar

This works perfect for my loft,took the little bit of sagging out of the middle!!

If you buy ONE thing only, but THESE ;)

Well of course you will need to buy more than just a support rod (lol) but I mean, even if you are building your own cage from scratch (etc.)... The support is unbelievable! I connected multiple XL cages together so of course needed A LOT of support in order to hold up all the roofing (these were also covered cages!). I was able to fit in these support bars no problem and it held up 3 XLs together! And like the writer below said, they arent even noticeable when you match to your grid colour! ;) I dont even know of any other piggy cage place/store that offers these type of amazingly strong support bars with such a clean look to boot! ;)