Rampa de jaula reforzada

Los gastos de envío se calculan en la pantalla de pago.
El reemplazo de rampa de jaula reforzada incluye:
(1) Rampa de jaula Coroplast de 4 mm (26" x 5,25" con paredes de 3,25") en 16 colores a su elección. Incluye bordeadoras en blanco o negro a su elección.
(2) ganchos de rampa para fijación de rampa
Se adjunta nuestra alfombra gris de grado industrial, diseñada para soportar bien el uso frecuente de los conejillos de indias.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Brittany Powers
Great ramps!

My herd loved their ramps! Theyre so sturdy!

julio belo
Good quality

Excellent product and good quality

Rachel Richards
Good quality

Really easy to set up. Great quality - the piggies are happy.

Morgan Stockton

This was easy to put together and very secure! I pigs have so much room. And the clean up is easy!

Renee Gil de Montes
only the best for my guinea pigs!

Each time I return to the Guinea Pig Cage Company I discover something new that my guinea pigs MUST HAVE! The replacement cage ramps were just what I needed. The store always delivers high quality products and in the most fashionable colors! I also appreciate the information the site provides which helps guide your creativity to provide your pets with the best homes they could ever want. The quality control is top notch-everything arrives perfectly packages and ready to go. I highly recommend the Guinea Pig Cage Company.