patio de fiesta

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Fiesta Patio Incluye:
(1) Base para patio Coroplast de 4 mm de 20,5" x 28" x 3,75" (rejilla de 1x2) en 16 colores a su elección.
(1) Rampa reforzada de 26" en su elección de 16 colores, el borde coincidirá con el color de la barra
(2) Barras de apoyo
(8) remaches de plástico de color natural para asegurar los lados.
Velcro para asegurar la Rampa a la Base del Patio
Instrucciones de montaje en color fáciles de seguir con fotos.

Tenga en cuenta:

Nuestro patio de tamaño fiesta está diseñado para caber dentro de una jaula de rejilla de 2x4 O más grande.

Las barras de soporte que se usan para sostener el patio pasan a través de los orificios de la rejilla interior, por lo que si tiene una pared trasera de 10" en la base de la jaula, es posible que deba cortar esa sección según la altura deseada del patio.

Tenga en cuenta que no todos los conejillos de indias se suben a una rampa. Sea paciente, ya que los conejillos de indias se aclimatan. ¡Colocar algunas golosinas en la rampa puede ayudar!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

It was kinda hard to clean under, so I bumped it up a couple of squares so its up higher, but not as high as a loft. Added another ramp, and they IMMEDIATELY started zooming. Hopefully my more plump piggy will lose some weight

Margurite P
My boys favorite place

Upon receiving the Party Patio I installed it according to the suggestions on the instructions page. I wasnt sure if thered be enough room below or while on the patio (I have the cage cover to keep my cats from jumping in) but figured itd wait and see what my boys thought. It took minutes for them to run up the ramp & investigate. Since then, the patio has become their absolute favorite place to hang out. I now have 2 beds up there for them to sleep in. They love their patio so much that I have to change the fleece bedding more often than the rest of their palace. I highly suggest this addition to any and every cage.

Great loft alternative

I had a regular loft in the past, but eventually took it down after getting tired of the hassle of cleaning underneath it. With the patio this problem is solved its super easy to lift off the coro base and the support bar to gain access underneath for cleaning. The pigs took a little while to adjust to using a ramp again, but now theyve mastered it and enjoy going upstairs and having a little extra space when they want to get away from their roommates!

Rebecca M.

LOVE IT! I have it set up as my piggys kitchen which keeps the hay more contained. My piggies went right on it right away. Well built and easy to put together. Thanks!

martha c.

The piggy party patio is much loved by our caveys. It's sturdy and the ramp is great.