Rampa de jaula reforzada

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We Invented the CCCages Reinforced Cage Ramp way back in 2010 (Thanks, Alan!) and they've kept their durability ever since!

Each ramp is reinforced with our customized wire which has unique firmness, flexibility and strength properties making it a strong and safe option for your guinea pigs to navigate elevation changes up to one full 14" grid height. It works with our Patios as well, so you can choose your attachment method: Hooks for Lofts, or Velcro for Patios.

All Ramps are covered with a grey industrial carpet. To clean the ramp carpet, simply pull it up and wash it as needed.

CCCages Reinforced Cage Ramp Includes:
(1) 4mm Coroplast® Cage Ramp (26" x 5.25" with 3.25" walls) reinforced with special wire to keep the walls upright and stay put.
*Your choice of black or white edgers which cover all exposed areas to prevent chewing.
(2) Ramp Hooks for ramp attachment or Velcro Strip if used for Patios.
       Attached industrial-grade grey carpet