Rejilla angosta de bucle de 1x2

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 Narrow Loop Loft (1x2 Grids) Includes
(1) 4mm 12.5" x 27.5" Coroplast® Loft Base with TWO ramp cutouts in your choice of 16 colors.
(4) 14"x14" Grids in black or white
(4) Portal Grids in black or white
(8) Connectors in black or white 
(2) 26" Ramp in your choice of 16 colors, with carpet and edging 
(16) Plastic natural-colored Rivets to secure sides
(4) Ramp Hooks for ramp attachment
Optional (1 or 2) Mini Grids and clips
Cable ties that match the grid color
Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos