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Altura de coro: Lados estándar de 6" #MWS Opciones 2486804450
Large Cage with Offset WIDE Loft 
Note: Optional Upgrade to Loop Loft adds another Ramp with Hooks and replaces Two Standard Grids with Two Portal Grids (Click Here to Learn More)

Interior: 27" x 56" (15 Square Feet of cage space with upper level)
Exterior: 30" x 60" (When assembled with grids)
(1) 4mm Coroplast® base in your choice of 16 colors
(1) 4mm Coroplast® Loft with Ramp 
(25) 14"x14" Grids in black or white
(2) Portal Grids
(40) Connectors black or white
(2) Ramp Hooks
(32) Plastic natural-colored Rivets to secure sides
Cable ties to match the grid color

Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos

Please Note: Adding a Cover Includes: (16) additional Standard Grids, (1) 37" Rod, (1) 18" Rod, and (1) Support Bar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Doug Larson
Fun Guinea Pig cage

I spent the better part of two days assembling the cage myself alone and think that I probably would have benefitted from having an extra person to help pick it up and move it to its table. Love the cage and so do the Guinea Pigs. I was worried that they may not use the ramp, but just the opposite. Back and forth, back and forth, they love it and that makes me love it too. The only reason I give this cage 4 stars instead of 5 is that it is flimsy in construcitn no matter how many tie downs one uses. I am comparing it though to a super sturdy Frisco Small Animal cage that is bomb proof and cost quite a bit less on Chewy. The fact though that I switched finally to this one was because the Frisco cage while much stronger and easier to move just did not supply the extra floor space for my cavies and that is so important.

I would also like to say that I had been ready to buy this same cage but from another outfit, but since GUINEA PIG COMPANY was the first to sell the C C and Colorplast cages and I could actually speak to the owners, I really wanted to support them and I will continue too. Their is another company called the guinea pig store that is similar but they use a lot of hype and it kind of put me off even though they do supply the same product and also have a lot of good information. Then there is a place named like Cavie something and I believe while cheaper, they use thinner grade wire and a cheaper Colorplast so why waste your money there. GUINEA PIG COMPANY will take care of you and that is important. I would have given the other company 4 stars too as they sell the same product so don't let my one star deduction put you off, this is the best Guinea pig cage currently available that I know of.

Jennifer Tierney
Great Habit

We got this for our trio and they love it so much. It's easy to clean and maintain. The loft is awesome addition.