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The Full-Opening French Door Kit is a practical solution for cleaning the area beneath your wide loft. 
French Door Kit Includes:
(2) Quarter Round Mini Grids in black or white
(4) Plastic natural-colored Rivets 
Cable Ties in black or white
Translucent Coroplast® section with Velcro
Bungee Cord to keep doors closed
Please Note:
The French Door Kit does not work if you are using an OFFSET loft, a narrow loft, or a single-level cage. This kit is designed to have a wide loft structure above for stability.
The kit can be installed directly under the wide loft of your existing cage without the need for additional support.
Detailed instructions are provided, which includes guidance for creating a drop-down feature for easy access to the cage kitchen. If you're using this door as a piggy exit, you will need to cut an opening in your Coroplast® wall, or alternatively, you can use the Piggyback ramp instead of cutting the existing cage wall.