Bordes para Coroplast

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Add a decorative and functional touch to your Coroplast® with our custom plastic edging. It provides a chew-proof edge to the Coroplast® walls and adds a finished overall appearance.
CCCages edging is custom made to our specific standards since 2016.  Our edging is smooth, rounded, shiny finish, and comes in full 14" lengths. They are easily cut to fit your Coroplast® project. They are nice and snug so it can't be pulled off by guinea pigs, and if you have "chewers" - it prevents nibbling on the walls.

(1) 14" section of plastic edging.
Recommended quantities for full edging around Coroplast® base:
2x2 Loft-8
1x2 Loft-6
Midwest Coroplast® base replacement-12