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This kit assembles the boundary for a single-level Jumbo cage, spanning 2x6 grids. 
(16) 14" x 14" grids in your choice of black or white
(32) Connectors matching the grid color
Cable ties for additional grid security (Approximately 50)
Please Note:
Coroplast® base is NOT part of this package. Designed to fit Coroplast® bases measuring 27" x 84.5"

Customer Reviews

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Jumbo Mess

The way I received this jumbo grid pack was very poor. Each one had the protective plastic bag taken off and shoved into the bottom of the shipping box. All the grids were scraping against each other and being jostled around during shipment as was evident by the damage of the grids and the shipping box itself. All grids had some sort of sharp damage to it and I now have to fix them myself to make them safe for my guinea pigs. When reaching out they immediately refunded me without offering a replacement, leaving me with a lot of work to do. I would not recommend purchasing grids from this company.