Jaula gigante

Los gastos de envío se calculan en la pantalla de pago.
Altura de coro: Lados estándar de 6"
Jaula gigante (2x6)
Interior: 27" x 84.5" (16 pies cuadrados de espacio en la jaula)
Exterior: 30" x 90" (cuando se ensambla con rejillas)
(1) base Coroplast de 4 mm en 16 colores a su elección
(16) Rejillas en blanco o negro
(28) Conectores negros o blancos
(16) remaches de plástico de color natural para asegurar los lados.
Bridas para cables a juego con el color de la rejilla
Instrucciones de montaje en color fáciles de seguir con fotos.

Tenga en cuenta: agregar una cubierta incluye: (20) rejillas estándar adicionales, (2) varillas de 37", (2) varillas de 18" y (2) barras de soporte.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
This is amazing! So big I can't wait to get another.

I been on the look out for a cage like this for a while. I can not wait to start customizing when I get my next one.

great cage

great size and my guinea piggys love it


Bought this for my two guinea pigs and they love it! Easy to assemble, huge, and as described. Would recommend this cage to anyone with cavies.


Before I had this amazing cage, I had a cage from the pet store that was equal to a 2*1 C& C cage. I have 2 male piggies and that was really tiny! I knew I had to upgrade. When it came to my porch, I was excited and opened it up immediately! It was easy to assemble but the holes to put the plastic rivets in was too small. I had to make them bigger by cutting them. Once my piggies were in for the first time, the first thing they went to was the food! It was surprisingly cheap for a giant high quality cage! They have been popcorning so much they crash into the bars! Ive had it for a couple months now and I will definitely buy lofts, lookout lounges, kitchens, and stuff from here!

Lily Brown

This cage came in so quickly and was so easy to assemble that me a 13 year old girl could build it all by herself. My 2 boys love it so much, especially with the loft too! There is so much room for them to run around. Definitely recommend buying!