Buffet de heno

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Mejore la experiencia gastronómica de su conejillo de Indias con nuestro buffet de heno. El contenedor de heno espacioso y de alta capacidad está hecho de Coroplast y está disponible en 16 colores para combinar con su estilo. Con tres aberturas en forma de corazón, tus amigos peludos pueden acceder fácilmente al heno sin que se caiga al suelo.

(1) bufé de heno de Coroplast de 4 mm (12" de ancho x 10" de alto x 6" de profundidad) disponible en 16 colores de coroplast
(4) remaches de plástico de color natural para asegurar los lados.
(2) Clips de carpeta de metal
Tenga en cuenta:
Este contenedor de heno no es adecuado para patios de altura de rejilla media, pero se puede usar si los patios están a la altura de rejilla completa. Alternativamente, puede optar por nuestro Hayrack pequeño para uso en el patio.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Naomi Pettis
Wonderful Hay Buffet

I wish I had bought one years ago.

So cute!!

I got the hearty hay buffet because the large hay rack was out of stock when I placed my order. But, I am almost happier I got the hearty hay buffet over the hay rack! This is so cute! I got it in pink to coordinate our cage colors, and it is adorable. I got two (I have 3 pigs currently,) and I almost feel like one was big enough for my whole gang. If youre having issues deciding which Hayrack is best for you, I would strongly reccomend the Hearty Hay Buffet!

Guina Pig Mom
Adorable and hilarious!

This is a really lovely product. My daughter picked it for her piggies and loves filling it. The mom and dad jump into it and the babies climb in and out the heart holes. P.S. The girls seem to pee and poop inside it a lot, but the boys do not. Aside from cleaning, any tips? We might try out the small wire one for the girls once you get the mezzanine in stock. Thanks!

E. Barnes

I love this bin! Its so easy to fill and holds a lot! My younger piggies are able to hop inside. Pros: Easy to fill

Hay rack AND playground

We set this up last night and my three babies went crazy for it - the two littlest ones wriggled into it through the holes, and the biggest one leaped straight up into it and settled herself in like it was her own personal hay bed! (I had no idea she could jump like that - good to know...) I worried that they could get themselves wedged in there and not be able to get out, so we slid a piece of cardboard in to reduce the size of the holes for now, and covered the top with another piece of cardboard to keep the jumper out. (She was very surprised when she tried it again.) That seems to be working, and as they settle down and learn how to use it I think it will work out well.