Cubierta abatible: Estándar grande

Los gastos de envío se calculan en la pantalla de pago.

La cubierta estándar grande incluye:

(14) Rejillas de 14" en blanco o negro

(1) Juego de varillas largas extensibles (2 piezas de varilla y 2 tapas de extremo por juego)

(1) Barra de soporte (29"x1") a juego con el color de la cuadrícula

Bridas a juego con el color de la rejilla.

Instrucciones de montaje en color fáciles de seguir con fotos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
To cover or not to cover is easy to answer. YES

I ORIGINALLY thought did not need a cage cover. I was wrong. I have a five pound maltese mix and a 25 pound Mini Australian Shepard. Both breeds are agile acrobats. My cage is 2x4 grid on the stand with cubbies Love the cage the stand and cubbies but the smartest purchase was the flip fold cover. The five pound maltese mix decided he would jump from my lap in the recliner right on top of the flip and fold cage cover. It held his weight perfectly. Now the next acrobatic feat from the 25lb mini australian Shepard. A flying leap from the couch onto the flip fold overed cage...thankfully the cover held up perfectly to her weight as did the entire cage set up. There is no question that pet owners need a covered cage. I never thought my two dogs would yry to ump into the cage but they tried. If not for the flip fold cover the outcome would not have been good. I can leave the house.the room without fear of any catastrophe. No brainer..COVER IT.

A good cover if you've had trouble with covered cages in the past

I used to have a covered cage for my guinea pigs before buying from C and C cages, but it was a pain to stick my arms through and try to scoop out the bedding at an awkward angle. Thats not the same with this cover. The ability to pull it all the way back enables me to clean the cages without hurting my back, but while still keeping the cage covered to keep my piggies safe. Id recommend this cover if you need your cage covered. It also comes with a support bar, which is handy. The service was good as well, I emailed a question and got a reply, cover showed up fine, good instructions and everything.

Love this lid! Cat doesn't...meow!

I had to get a cover because I have a cat and she is a big hunter. I bought the cover along with the cage (2x4) and put it together with the stand all in under 2 hours. This lid is amazing; I love that it can be opened in two different ways. I put my cat on top of it to see how it would hold up, and shes a HUGE cat. She hates the feel of the grids on her feet and quickly jumped off but it holds up just sagging and no worrying that shell fall in and be able to eat the girls. Perfect!

Jean F.

Easy to put together and very durable!