Juego de contenedores de almacenamiento tipo jaula - Grande

Los gastos de envío se calculan en la pantalla de pago.
El juego de contenedores de almacenamiento grande incluye:
(4) Gavetas Coroplast de 4 mm de 12" de ancho x 24" de largo x 12" de alto en su elección de 16 colores. Mezcle y combine o elija todo de un color
(4) manijas de plástico de 4" en su elección de blanco o negro. Mezcle y combine o elija todo de un color. Incluye 2 tornillos y 2 arandelas por manija
(64) remaches de plástico de color natural (16 por contenedor) para asegurar los lados
Instrucciones de montaje en color fáciles de seguir con fotos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lisa Bertolini
So convenient!

The storage bins are well constructed and fit right within the stand. This makes it easy for storing linens and snacks right at your fingertips!

More than enough!

I can put a big bulk of hay bag in and still have room! I love these bins so much and use all of them! This was a veyr smart and cute Idea! Thank you!

Marrisa R.

The bins are a convenient way to store all supplies neatly & out of sight!

Nicole C.

The guinea pigs and my 2 daughters are loving our new guinea pig cage! It was easy enough to put together and comes with everything necessary. I love that we can rearrange the cage design at any time (with purchase of additional pieces) and even separate the cage into 2 separate levels. It is easy to clean and allows the pigs plenty of room to play. Great cage!

Ashleigh W.

I LOVE having the bin set for all our guinea pig toys, treats and bedding. We can keep things much more organized which helps with the cleaning of the cage and makes it easier to take them out for play time too!